About Us

Established in 1990, S.K. Weaving Pvt. Ltd. is committed to the highest standards of excellence, integrity and sustainability. From modernization in fibre to sustainability in fashion, S.K. Weaving is fuelling high-fashion brands worldwide by bringing in unparalleled fineness across the garment value chain and also by the unification of wearable tech with our fabrics.

With unique facilities of its kind in Asia, we enable our design teams to run all our infrastructure and capabilities under one roof and to co-create their signature products and finishes. We specialize in woven fabrics including all kinds of Viscose, Viscose Cotton Blends, Linen, Dobby and Jacquard fabrics in accordance with market trends. We have the entire infrastructure for in-house production which includes state-of-the-art machinery for Sizing, Warping, Twisting Machine (TFO), Autoloom Jacquard and Dobby Weaving Machines.

We invest time and resources immensely in our R&D department as we believe in offering our customers something exclusive and new every season to be abreast with the upcoming trends.

S.K Weaving Pvt Ltd. has made it their goal to produce sustainable fabrics by reducing Textile industries environmental footprint.

Our substantial customer base now spans the globe, including USA, Europe and Asia.

Our Values

Our company culture is process oriented and result oriented. We have values that guide the firm working of our company.

1. Buyer Is Priority

Our buyer centric focus helps us create a culture to consider all requirements of our buyers as a priority.

2. High Quality Products

We aim to create the highest quality products by having strong quality standards and measures which have grown to become a culture in all our factories.

3. Drive Innovation

Our innovation is imperative and applies to all product development as well as our operations. We continuously apply product solving skills to our operations.

4. Continuous Improvement

As a firm we look at fact based, root cause solutions to drive our improvement efforts.

5. Build The Best Team

We aim to get the right people to work in our firm. People thrive in our high opportunity and result oriented environment.